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100th Birthday Mug - Vintage - Born in 1919 Coffee Mug Makes A Perfect Gift For A 100th Birthday
100th Birthday Mug - Vintage - Born in 1919 Coffee Mug Makes A Perfect Gift For A 100th Birthday

100th Birthday Mug - Vintage - Born in 1919 Coffee Mug Makes A Perfect Gift For A 100th Birthday

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This high quality 100th Birthday Mug comes in a 11oz or 15oz. ceramic white mug and has a premium hard coat that provides crisp and vibrant color reproduction sure to last for years. Perfect gift for all hot & cold beverages. 

  • High Gloss + Premium White Finish
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • ORCA Coating
  • 3.7″H x 3.7″W x 3.2″D
  • 10.2″ Circumference

This is a very high quality mug ceramic and white in color which contains a very hard premium which provides very vibrant and crisp color reproduction. The mug lasts for a very long time.

About This Mug:

The mug has a perfect writing of the 100th birthday wordings that always gives the receiver a great remembrance about the life spent in this world or the years spent prior to 100 years. Sometimes it can be given to a person not yet 100 years wishing the same person more years so that to reach 100 years to achieve the mug writing.

Shiny and glossy surface

With the ceramic coating of the mug, it gives out the perfect shiny surface that is very much pleasing to the eyes and even to the touch it is very smooth. The great shiny and glossy surface makes the mug a perfect gift especially as a birthday gift and gives a great impression of deep affectionate love when given this mug as a present.

The Orca Coating

This is photo like printing of mugs or wordings of any type. This is a very high quality exercise and it gives the mug its great value. The wording like 100th birthday or the word Born 1919 is printed to the mug through orca coating. When this mug has the orca coating, it is quite okay to give it as a birthday gift for it is of high quality and value. The person receiving the mug as a gift sees the value of the mug same as to the value he/she adds to the people surrounding him/her.

Greater Circumference

The mug is quite big and very attractive with a high circumference. This is very vital especially when given as a gift. It gives an impression that the bigger the cup shows the bigger and good things which will be coming a head and leaves the person flabbergasted and very happy about the gift at large.

Why should you give the 100th Birthday Mug as a gift?

  • The Mug is funny and awesome; anybody wishing to receive a gift likes to get something that is quite awesome and somehow funny. This brings it out from the others which are just kind of usual
  • It is extraordinary; giving a gift to an extraordinary person also requires getting an extraordinary gift that will accomplish the purpose and will let the person feel how important or how extraordinary he/she is to the society or to the family.
  • Great design; the mug has a very good and attractive design and thus making the perfect gift to give someone for 100 years. The writing also is very attractive making the perfect and great combination of the two to give a clear picture of a perfect gift ever.
  • Long lasting; everyone will wish to have something that can last for long and when giving a gift, it must be long lasting so that as long as the person receiving the gift leaves, he/she can be seeing it for a long time. The mug is long lasting and makes the perfect gift for the 100 years because it can also last for those years.

The 100th birthday Mug is the perfect gift to give someone turning 100 years and it will give him/her a great moment of celebrating his years with awesome joy.

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