It’s A Nursing Home… It’s a Preschool… No Wait, What…

Let’s be honest, there is no denying it, nursing homes are not the most pleasant places to spend your time. No to mention the constant reminder from the media about mistreatment and mismanagement of patients. But the vast majority of homes are doing an excellent job of caring for our loved ones.

With record numbers of new retirees expected over the next 25 years and social security expected to run out or be bankrupt by 2034, its no wonder that aged care is on a lot of people’s minds.

But there are those out there willing to break the mold, offer something different in a quest to find a solution. the center in the video below is one such place. Where the elderly are able to meet and mingle with young children and help mold the minds of tomorrow with the wisdom and experience of yesteryear.

Source: (Present Perfect Film)